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The most impressive airports of this package is with no doubt:

- Oslo Airport (ENGM)

- Bergen Airport Flesland (ENBR)

- Trondheim Airport Vaernes/Værnes (ENVA)

- Bodø Airport (ENBO)

- Tromsø Airport Langnes (ENTC)


These are not the only impressive airports around. If you love flying turboprop and light aircrafts, the islands of Lofoten is a great place for you to discover by air!

A personal suggestion of a nice flight to catch the great views of the islands: ENBO-ENRS-ENLK-ENSV-ENSK and finally land at your final destination ENEV.


Airports of Norway V2

By far the most surprising and detailed freeware airports of all time!


This freeware package brings along 34 detailed airports throughout the country of Norway, as well as the biggest and most traffic populated airports from North to South and East to West!


From the beautiful nature to the mountain landscape and all the way down to the city, this is the greatest freeware airports we have discovered.








Who do we thank for this lovely opportunity to experience free quality airport? Jan Reidar Storelvmo and in coorperation with Avinor Norge, has developed an amazing product for us to enjoy!




Welcome to Cardiff Airport (EGFF)

(Welsh: Maes Awyr Caerdydd) .

The international airport serves Cardiff,

and the rest of South, Mid and West

Wales. Around 1.2 million passengers

used the airport in 2011,a reduction on

previous years. Cardiff Airport is owned

by TBI plc. The airport offers

international scheduled flights and is

served by scheduled, low-fare,

business and charter carriers. The

airport is a base for Manx2, Thomson

Airways and Thomas Cook Airlines with

Flybe being the largest carrier at Cardiff

Airport. The airport dates back to the

early 1940s, as a wartime satellite

aerodrome and training base, named

RAF Rhoose.

Luton airport is a major hub for budget

airlines, like EasyJet, Ryanair, Flybe.

plus a number of others operators. It is

also popular as a 'Bizjet' airport with 3

main operators. Today London Luton

Airport is one of the UK's largest

airports and carried 9.5 million

passengers in 2011.

Luton Airport has become the UK's

fastest growing airport and a new

phase of expansion was planed to

accommodate the ever increasing

passenger numbers. By Autumn 1999, a

new state of the art £40 million

terminal, baggage and flight

information system was completed and

a new road access tunnel was

constructed underneath the taxiway.

Welcome to Heathrow Airport, the worlds busiest international airport, with

over 65 million passengers and 100 airlines flying to nearly 200 destination.

This version includes an updated Terminal 5 was opened in April 2008 and is

solely used by British Airways which has moved most operations to the new

glass terminal. The new Terminal 2 is due to be opened in June 2014, but can

be fully used in this scenery.


Welcome to Edinburgh Airport. The

airport for Scotland’s capital with an

ever-growing network of commercial

flights with over 30 airlines as well as a

thriving GA and cargo centre makes

Edinburgh an ideal place for any flight

simmer. This scenery is another of the

next generation of airports from UK2000

Scenery. Using new methods and

modelling systems, which allow us to

make truly amazing airports.


Edinburgh airport started off as a base;

RAF Turnhouse. After the war

commercial flights started to appear.

Welcome to Liverpool Airport.


Made to a high level of detail and

accuracy but still maintaining a friendly

frame rate, this scenery is the finest

version ever made. Liverpool John

Lennon Airport (UK) is a busy Low fares


airline hub for Easyjet and Ryanair, it

also has a large GA area.

Welcome to Manchester Airport, accurate and stunning

scenery, using new methods and modelling systems

which allows us to make truly amazing airports.


Gatwick Airport is the busiest Single use airport in the world.

With over Half a Million polygons, 250MB of graphics data, it

really is Xtreme scenery!. But dont let the size put you off,

the frame per second is faster still the same as the old

version. On a modern PC the FS9/FSX version can achive

over 100fps, and even with plenty of AI you can get 30fps.

Welcome to London Stansted Airport, one

of London's main gateways, which has

expanded to rival Heathrow and Gatwick.

This Scenery is the forth major version of the popular airport. It inlcludes a new hi-reoluation base image and new buildings. Stansted airport began its life in 1942 as a USAAF Base with a standard RAF triangular runway layout. In 1946 the

airport officially opened as a civil

aerodrome retaining many of its wartime buildings. It continued to grow with the addition of a 1968 terminal on the Western side.

Made to a high level of detail and accuracy but still

maintaining a friendly frame rate, this scenery is the

finest version ever made. Welcome to Birmingham

Airport, the UK’s sixth largest Airport. With over

nine million passengers through its two terminals

each year, it acts as the Midland's premier gateway

to the world.


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